Hello fellow photography lovers,

My name is Destiny Baldwin.

My journey as a photographer started when I realized I was using all of my energy & time managing other peoples businesses while my Husband and Children were getting the left over parts of me.

I was losing every waking second working the day away or stressing over work at home.

I decided to take a chance on my own passion & give it my all. I have spent a little over 2 year gaining a portfolio & am proud of my progress.

I'm hyper, outgoing, loud, fast paced, energetic, & occasionally I'm funny enough to crack my self up.

I am blessed with a beautiful & spontaneous family.

May of 2020 was my first time ever picking up a camera in hopes of taking professional photos. Since then I have only gained knowledge & have continued on my endeavors with education & growth. My passion is to capture & keep memories for sentimental people like my self.